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Because conj. 因为 only adv. 只,仅仅;不料 adj. 唯一的,仅有的;最合适的 conj. 但是;可是;不过 Because only Happy, because only has you快乐的因为只有你 Because only one life因为生命只有一次 Because only you accompany me when ...

not only but also 和because之间没有关联的,你想就接,比如 1.not only because it is a great piece of music,but also because of the energy。 2.Not only I but also Tom and Jack are interested in English because it is useful 。

就是因为你 We will get late to the party only because of you. 就是因为你, 我们去宴会都要迟到了。 I moved to China only because of you, don't forget it. 别忘了,我就是为了你才搬到中国来的。 This is not only because of you can e...

可以这样用,比如: The bourgeois are people who work not only because they are paid for it. 资产阶级就是那些不只是为了得到报酬才工作的人。

只是因为我依然爱你。 或 仅仅因为我依然爱你。 祝你开心如意!

先对题面分析: “Most of ____ we call geniuses are successful only because they have made extraordinary efforts” 注意,本题中“are successful”之前的成分,均要视为“主语部分”,这是解题的最基本出发点。 有了上述认识我们分别来分析“Mos...

if only because 如果仅仅是因为 拼音 双语对照 if only because 网络 只不过是因为


只有当Not only… but also连接两个分句时,才在第一个分句用倒装结构。如果置于句首的Not only… but also仅连接两个并列词语,不可用倒装结构。 Not only you but also I am fond of music. 一、使用not only … but also … 时须注意的几点: 1. ...

歌曲名:Only Because Of You 歌手:Roger Hodgson 专辑:In The Eye Of The Storm Because Of You I will not make The same mistakes that you did I will not let myself Cause my heart so much misery I will not break The way you did, you ...

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